Om Swastyastu, 


Most of you will have already been contacted personally by our team, but for those we haven’t been able to reach, it is with great sadness and frustration that we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Dream Machine 2024 event. 

Now the first question you probably have is why?

And the honest answer is because we are unable to deliver the same event we did in 2023, which you or one of your friends attended. Where that event was the best festival ever, the limitations on the 2024 event would have made it the worst ever and we were not going to put our amazing and loyal customers through that.

On top of navigating the increasingly difficult layers of Indonesian bureaucracy, we have seen supply chain and venue issues across every part of the event. We also acknowledge the enormous cost of living pressures that many of you have mentioned. This has resulted in an implausible shift in our goals posts. As a result, the concessions we would have to make to the island/resorts and the overall experience would leave us with an inferior event, which we’re not prepared to do.

For us this is of course, a last resort.  


In light of the above, we would like to offer our package holders the following options;

  1. Move your package to Snow Machine Japan 2024 or Snow Machine Queenstown 2024 and we’ll throw in free VIP upgrades for you and your group (valued at $300pp)
  2. You can still take your holiday to Bali and use your accommodation in Nusa Dua. We will reduce the festival ticket component from your outstanding balance
  3. You can opt for a full refund

Please email us ([email protected]) with your full name and your selection, and our travel partner, Mountainwatch Travel, will be in touch with you directly to arrange your selected option from the above list, so please keep an eye on your inbox for updates. 

From the entire team, thank you so much for your overwhelming support and understanding, our hearts are also broken. Those lucky enough to have been to a Dream Machine will attest that it really is the most amazing week ever and we’re truly sorry we are unable to bring the 2024 event to life as planned.

We really value our Machinists and would like to thank every single one of you who purchased a package and continue to support us in our mission to create the best destination holiday events possible. While we hate breaking bad news, we hope we’ve done so with as much notice as possible and we very much hope to host you at one of our shows again in the near future!



Team Dream Machine